Multi Vaccine Development Program. Not For Profit Research Society

About Us

What we do?

MVDP, is committed to undertake, outsource, assist, promote and encourage scientific studies, epidemiology studies, product development, clinical studies & establish field sites with the object of advancing the development of vaccines against P. falciparum and P. vivax malaria identified by Research Institutes.

How We Do?

To execute its obligations MVDP has created a viable and sustainable management structure to plan, co-ordinate and execute work programs for performing translational development activities up to proof of concept studies, which also includes Phase IIb efficacy trials in endemic regions. In addition, MVDP has also established linkages with other international malaria vaccine developers to promote synergistic collaborative vaccine development efforts to transition successful vaccine candidates to industry for further clinical development leading to licensure of cost-effective and safe malaria vaccines that are accessible to endemic populations. The transition strategy will include licensing terms under a royalty and milestone-based payment structure that will ensure accessibility and affordability to endemic populations on a case-by-case basis.

Why MVDP was formed?

The need for creating MVDP was felt because of the low interest levels of Pharma and Biotech industry to develop malaria vaccines. Basic research for discovering malaria vaccine candidates is predominantly undertaken by researchers in academia and university institutes where basic science researchers focus on discovery and pre-clinical development of vaccine candidates. Resources and expertise to develop these candidates further for testing in humans are usually limited in these institutes. Therefore, malaria vaccine researchers and funders felt a need for a not-for-profit organization in India dedicated to the early translational research. MVDP, is expected to fill this void by developing partnerships with researcher(s), further developing the vaccine candidates up to proof-of-concept studies and subsequently facilitating licensing of a promising candidate to a commercial pharma/biotech company.